According to new Umrah policy 1440 of Saudi Govt, Fee of 2000 SR will impose on every passenger who performed Umrah in 1438H & 1439H.
Yes, we provide both services.
Yes, you can. However, the new reservation will be subject to the prices and hajj companies available then.
You are not required to follow up with the hajj company that you booked with. In fact, the company will call you to arrange an appointment for issuance of the hajj permit, the place and time of gathering, as well as other information.
It is not allowed to change the mobile number inserted in the reservation. You will have to wait until the cancellation period ends, and try to make a new booking via the website.
Whoever does not have an identity card cannot make a booking via this booking system.
A correction SMS has been sent to this segment of customers who made a complete booking. If a caller has not received this SMS, a report should be escalated immediately to the shift supervisor comprising all details of the issue; it should include the booking number.
You must address a written compliant with the details of the incident to the Office of the Minister of Hajj.
You should fill out immediately a notice form, where you mention your ID card as well as all other required items, and send it to the supervisor, so that s/he can follow up with manager of MOH call centre.
The message usually takes a few hours to reach you. Do not worry. You will receive it God Willing.
The I BAN is not related to the hajj company that you booked with. Once you make a direct payment via one of the banks, the I BAN number is given only in that case. It is not mandatory to make the payment through the branches of Basque Saudi Frisian; you can make the payment via the different payment methods of banks such as the ATM's, bank websites, bank applications on phones and mobiles.
It takes four business days as a maximum.
Yes, you can. However, the terms and conditions of cancellation will be applicable to each person crossed out of the booking.
To find details about Hajj Company, you need to go to menu "Hajj Company" and select "C Hajj Company". Then, you will be presented with a list of companies where you can find all details related to the company.
To know the eligibility of performing Haj, you need to go to menu "Packages & Reservation" and select "Hajj Inquiry". Then, you need to enter the National IDs/Iqama(s), after that you will be presented with the result whether eligible for hajj or not.
To know the status of the existing reservation, you need to go to menu "Packages and Reservation" and select "Reservation Inquiry". The first step is to enter you mobile number that was used during the reservation and reservation number or the one of the IDs used in the reservation. Next you will be presented with details of your reservation showing the status of your reservation.
The payment is made through bank transfer. This can be done through all available payment channels offered by the banks.